Holidays spent without a fur baby may be incredibly heartbreaking, regardless of your age or the circumstances of their passing. Routines come to an end and will never be done in the same way again. A once-naturally flowing fit of easy laughter may start to sound forced or even disappear entirely. Giving gifts now may not seem as exciting as it once was. You can get a lump in your throat or cry when listening to songs that you used to find comforting.

You might be asking yourself important questions such as, “What exactly is happening to me?” when all of this is going on. “Will I even want to put up with this or even be able to handle it? How long will the commotion continue? Is my current state of being typical? Is my sanity slipping away from me?”

The Christmas season itself raises new concerns: How can I get through all of the festivities while missing the one I love so much? Is it better for me to skip the holidays this year? Can I act as if nothing is wrong? Should I make significant changes to my Christmas traditions?

Recognize That You’ll Probably Hurt

It’s a good idea to start with the knowledge that it probably won’t be a happy time when you’re trying to face your first holiday without the pet who has been so close to you. This may or may not console you, but it’s true: your suffering indicates that you have been fortunate enough to get very close to your pet. You could be wondering how you’ll manage to survive. You’ve loved and been loved. 

The pain you feel reflects your wonderful nature, sensitivity, and openness. It is evident that you have been deeply impacted by someone else, just as they have been by you. While you might wish your agony weren’t as intense as it is, you must never lose sight of the fact that your joy is what causes your pain. Nevertheless, you can feel as though you would like to skip the entire holiday season and not partake in it at all. That is a common reaction.

During the last two months of the year, though, holiday reminders can be seen almost everywhere you look and heard almost everywhere you listen. It’s impossible to escape this season’s effects. Instead of trying to avoid what is happening, use your energy more creatively to adjust to the realities of what this season has in store for you.

It is probably not a good idea to act as though everything is normal and that this year’s celebrations would be the same as all the others. A glaring void has been left in your life as a result of the passing of this significant fur baby.

Of course, you may experience it at any time of year. However, this is especially true over the holidays. You anticipate sharing our holiday celebrations with the people you care about, whether it be through cards, gifts, shared meals, or ritual reenactments.  But you can’t incorporate the deceased Fur Baby, at least not in the way you want.

And you’re constantly reminded of this by the media portrayals of families, the references to loved ones in Christmas music, and the romanticized ideas that everyone has about these special occasions. Remember, not all holidays are as idyllic as we’d like to imagine. It can help to admit this right away.

Feel Whatever it is You Feel

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Some people will try to rush you through your grief, while some will insist on cheering you up all the time. Other people may offer advice regarding what you should and shouldn’t do or feel. Do your best to assert your own feelings over this Christmas season, regardless of anything else you decide to do. 

As much as you can, admit that something extremely significant has occurred in your life and that this has led to a reaction inside of you. You are not a machine; rather, you are a human with a range of feelings.

Nobody else will experience your feelings in the same way, at the same moment, or with the same degree of intensity as you. Remind yourself that your current emotions, no matter what they may be, are perfectly normal. They serve as a reminder that you are only human, that you care passionately, and that your feelings today may change in the future. You are rarely misguided by your emotions. Usually, they help you find yourself.

Take Charge in Areas Where You Can

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Of course, many aspects of your life are beyond your control. Your power has been taken away from you by the loss you’ve endured and the inevitable changes that have followed. You do, however, have the power to exercise some judgment in some of the decisions and actions you take.

Begin to take charge of your life in little ways. If the death was not too recent, this might be a good opportunity to revisit the Christmas traditions you’ve developed over the years. Which ones matter to you and do you wish to keep? Which ones have outlived their usefulness? Which ones could you put off for a year or two, and which ones are so crucial to your identity that you can’t let yourself fail to carry them out, no matter how challenging? 

In general, this is not the best time to undertake significant changes, such as starting over in a new location or enjoying the holidays in a remote place with people who do not understand what you’re going through. However, some adjustments might be beneficial and even necessary.

It may be a good idea to switch up your usual holiday meal plans and eat out or have the main course at a friend’s house. You might also want to make some adjustments to your decorating style, as well as when, where, and how gifts are distributed. Make an effort to create new rituals that will give participants the chance to reflect on the past while appreciating how things are different in the present.

Remember that you have other options for taking some control of your life. It’s a good idea to start by eating and drinking healthily. Keep up your workout routine, or start one if you haven’t already. This will improve your mood and overall health, according to research. One of the best activities you can do is take a quick walk every day, preferably outdoors.

Another thing you may do is make an effort to get enough sleep. Get enough sleep by going to bed early. Limit your bedtime if you’re sleeping excessively. However, it is not uncommon for your sleep habits to vary for a while.

In general, make every effort to choose life. Spend time with those who will give you life. Develop the skills that give you energy. Execute the actions that make you happy. By taking initiative, you’ll discover that your small actions are actually quite significant.

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