Although it might seem only natural for a pet owner to get another pet immediately after their loyal companions die, there are several factors that they need to consider before deciding that it’s time to do it.

If you recently lost your pet and you’re not sure whether you’re ready to open your heart to another pet, here are some tips to help you determine when is the right time to welcome a new member to your family. This article will also give you tips on how to make sure that your next pet lives its life to the fullest, without living in the shadow of its predecessor.

And if you discover that you’re not yet ready to get a new pet, we’ll also help you find ways to spend time with your favorite animal friends.

What to consider before getting another pet

You shouldn’t rush into welcoming another furry friend into your home. Give yourself enough time to grieve the loss of your loyal pet, no matter how big or small they were because all pets can leave a hole in your life when they pass. Here are the things you need to consider before you decide to get another pet.

Find out what other people in the household think

Everyone has a different pace when it comes to grieving. Openly discuss with other family members how each one feels about getting another pet, and what kind of furry companion they want. Even if you have the purest intentions, do not surprise your family by coming home with a new pet. Everybody must play a role in deciding when the time is right.

Think of the children

Losing a pet can be a devastating event that may distract you from giving proper attention to your kids. Children and adults differ in processing their feelings of loss and grief. For your kids, this may be their first time to be faced with the reality of death. Help your child understand what has happened, and guide them as they process their grief, making sure to be patient with every question they may throw at you.

Consider your responsibilities

Although you previously had a pet who fitted smoothly into your life and routine, you should still pause and consider how to care for a new pet. Caring for your previous pet may have been a routine for you, but your new pet may have an entirely different kind of need. This is particularly essential if you are intending to get a dog or a cat, or an animal with specific needs.

If you’re getting a puppy, it may need some training, as well as more exercise than your senior dog. It will also need time to adjust to its new environment. Are you able to provide your new pet with the time and love they need? Think carefully and make sure you are ready to make necessary adjustments before you decide to get your next furry companion.

How to Choose Your Next Pet


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Once you and your family feel that the time is right to get a new pet, the next step is to carefully choose a new furry friend that will be part of your lives for years to come. Don’t look at it as replacing your previous pet, because you don’t replace relationships, you only build new ones. Consider your new pet as a new companion with whom you can build new memories and share new experiences. Think of having a new pet as a new opportunity to give another animal the love and care that they deserve in their lifetime.

Select a different sex/breed

Avoid getting a pet of the same sex or breed as your previous one. As much as possible, get a pet that doesn’t have the same color or markings as your former pet. If you get a new pet that looks a lot like your previous furry friend, you may end up disappointed if it doesn’t act like the pet you lost. By choosing a pet that is in some way different from your previous pet, you will be able to start afresh with your new pet while maintaining respect and memory for your lost companion. When choosing your next pet, do your research carefully. Ensure that your new pet’s breed, size, sex, behavior, and needs will fit your family’s lifestyle. Consider visiting local animal shelters in Idaho, and ask if you can bond with the animals so you can get a good idea of what to expect from each animal.

Get another pet before your senior pet dies

This may not apply to everyone, but for some, it may be a good idea to get another pet once your furry friend turns old or gets sick. There are several benefits to this. First, being with a young companion can help revitalize your older companion. Having a new exercise or playing buddy can do wonders for your pet who is in its final days. The pet owners may also benefit from having another pet before the first pet dies. It will help family members adapt to the new animal’s routine while enjoying the last days of their pet’s life.

Consider adoption

For your next pet, adopting may be a wonderful idea. Visiting an animal shelter in Idaho can be a healing process in itself. You will get the opportunity to provide another beautiful animal a chance to live a good life with your family. There are several animal shelters and welfare centers that care for pets in rescue groups.

Come up with a new routine

Getting a new pet can also be a great opportunity to change up your routine. You can avoid painful memories with your lost loved one by discovering new walking routes for you and your new pet. If you can’t find any new walking routes, simply change your direction on your usual hike to give it a different feel, which can help you create new memories with your new pet.

Get new toys and bedding

Animals have a strong sense of smell that allows them to notice if their things used to belong to another pet in the past. If they think this is the case, they may not accept these items as part of their new territory. This is especially true if your previous pet died of an illness, because the bacteria may still be in their old things. Get your new pet new bedding, bowls, and toys not only to help them get used to their new home but also to keep them safe and healthy.

If you’re not ready for a new pet

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Getting a new pet after your previous pet has died is not something you should rush. Take all the time you need before taking the plunge. If you feel that processing the loss of your beloved pet can take months, go through it before deciding to welcome a new pet into your home.

If during your grieving process you find yourself longing for the comfort and companionship of an animal but you’re still uncertain whether you’re ready for a new pet, try these ideas:

Hang out with friends who have pets

Although seeing other pets may seem painful at first, you shouldn’t avoid pets altogether. It may help you heal when you spend an afternoon playing with a friend’s new kitten or going on a weekend hike with a relative’s puppy. Doing so can help you get to know other animals’ personalities, and experience the joy of having pets in your life without the commitment.

Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Consider volunteering in an animal shelter in Idaho if you have time to spare. If a weekly commitment is not for you, you can also offer one-time doggy walking, or cat sitting. You might be surprised to meet your next pet in the process!

Pet Memorial Stones in Idaho

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