One of the saddest things a pet parent can experience is when they have to say goodbye to their pet. The loss of a pet is more painful especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having your pet by your side during the pandemic means having a good support system, so losing them so suddenly can be a huge loss. At Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial, we will be sharing with you the ways to cope with losing a pet during the pandemic. Hopefully, we will be able to help you manage during this difficult time.

Why is Losing Your Pet During the Pandemic Difficult?

Ever since the pandemic occurred, a lot of things have happened. Lockdowns have been imposed and a lot of individuals have been separated from their families, friends, and peers, etc. Losing a pet during the pandemic is even more difficult during the pandemic because your pet becomes a major pillar of emotional support during this tough time, and if you lose your pet, then it can feel like you’re losing a major part of yourself.
Being in lockdown will also mean that we are separated from our families and friends because of the social distancing measures that must be observed, so even a simple hug that should be a source of comfort cannot be given.

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What Are the Ways to Cope With Pet Loss?

Under normal circumstances, losing a pet can be hard, but losing a pet in the middle of a pandemic is a whole other level of loss. There are no words that can take the pain away, but don’t give up and never lose hope. Although it is a difficult time, with time and support from family and friends, most people can recover. Below are some ways to cope.

1. Recognize the loss – When your pet passes, it is normal to experience sadness and grief. It is a natural and normal response that occurs when there is a loss. Grief is the reflection of how important and special your pet is for you. Everybody experiences grief differently. It is normal to feel a wide range of emotions as a result of the loss. These may include anger, denial, sadness, guilt, sorrow, and bereavement, etc. Sometimes stress can also happen due to the emotionally demanding role of taking care of a terminally or chronically ill pet.

For you to adapt to the loss of your pet, you must be willing to acknowledge and express grief. If you are trying to fight it off and not allow yourself to grieve, it can only prolong the grieving process.

You must accept the reality that you lost your beloved pet, but it can be difficult and a very long process. You can find comfort by doing various activities such as pet memorials so that you can have the opportunity to say goodbye and pay tribute to the memories you shared with your beloved pet.

A memorial can be done through online video calls using apps like Facetime or Zoom. You can also create a montage of your pet’s photos, get a customized pet memorial stone, or keep your pet’s ashes in an urn in a special spot in your house.

2. Express your feelings and thoughts – Losing a pet is hard, so you can also express your feelings and thoughts about the loss of your pet so you can have an outlet for what you are going through. You can talk to your family, coworkers, and friends. If you are not comfortable about it, or you are having a hard time sharing with others, you can consider writing everything in a journal, a letter, song, or poem.

3. Deal with any unfinished business – One way of dealing with the loss of your pet is to complete any unfinished business. Do you have anything that you wish you want to do with your pet? Do you have a list of activities you wanted to experience with your pet but never found time to do it? You can create a list of activities you and your beloved pet can do together to make most of their time left, especially if your pet is diagnosed with a chronic disease or they are terminally ill.

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4. Live in the present moment – If you have a sick pet and you are worried about losing them, it can prevent you from enjoying the remaining time left with them. This is particularly a case for pet owners who have been caring for their pets that have needs and health issues. You have to try spending time with them and enjoy the time that you have left. Try to set some time aside that you can just hold them and be sure that your last days with them are full of good memories.

5. Spend time to reflect – You can cope with the loss of your pet by reflecting and spending some time thinking about your beloved pet and how much they mean to you. Think about the best memories that you have spent together and think about all of the lessons that they have taught you. By taking the time to reflect and think about these things, you may be able to find meaning in the loss of your pet.

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6. Get support from family and friends – Losing your beloved pet is one of the saddest days that you can experience in your life. Even in the middle of the pandemic, they can still provide you with the support that you need. Talk to your family and friends about what you are going through via Zoom or any online platform. You must be willing to open up with them about your needs and feelings. They can offer you a virtual shoulder to cry on as well as a listening ear during your time in need.

7. Get support from your veterinary team – Your pet’s veterinarian and support team can help you prepare for the death of your beloved pet. You can work with them by maintaining an open line of communication so that you will have all the support you will need when your pet passes.

Animal bereavement counseling is not a common thing, but you can seek out support from a mental health practitioner to help you deal with the loss of your beloved pet. Professionals can help you understand the grief process and help you cope with bereavement and loss. Losing your beloved pet during the pandemic is hard. Grief is a normal reaction and it may come in waves. So you must be prepared for that day so you can have better mental health outcomes and cope with grief accordingly.

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Take Care of Yourself

You must take care of yourself during this difficult time. Do activities like exercising to keep your mind off things, observe a regular sleep routine so you can be well-rested, and also you must remember to stay hydrated as well as eat a balanced diet so that you will stay healthy and have the energy to deal with grief and loss due to your pet’s passing.

Say Goodbye to Your Beloved Pet

Saying goodbye to your pet is important so that you can have closure. Losing your beloved pet can be quite difficult and it is a sad and distressing experience. You can consider cremation or burial for your beloved pet. You can also memorialize and keep your pet’s memory close to you by getting a pet memorial stone that will help you remember the memories you shared with your beloved pet. At Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial, we can create and customize a river stone for your pet’s memorial stone.

Can You Get a New Pet Immediately After Losing One?

After the passing of your pet, you do not have to rush into getting a new pet. You may have the desire to replace the pet that you have lost, but it can still be too early to do so. Allow yourself to recover fully and get closure on the situation. You may find yourself comparing your new pet with your previous one, which can prevent you from building a beautiful relationship with your new pet. The bereavement that you experience can prevent you from experiencing the happiness of meeting the new pet, so give yourself time to process your previous pet’s death before allowing yourself to get a new one.

If you have lost a pet during the pandemic, we understand and know how you feel. At Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial, we are currently offering pet memorial stones that can be customized according to your specifications. We carefully choose and use natural river stones to design and engrave them depending on your preferred design.

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