How to Plan a Pet Funeral

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Losing a beloved pet is one of the hardest things that a person can experience in their lifetime. If you are having a hard time concentrating on what to do for your beloved pet’s funeral, do not worry because we fully understand your situation.

This is why, here at Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial, we will share with you a short article on some guidelines on how to plan a pet funeral. This can be an ordeal to get through for many pet owners, so we’ve compiled a simple list below to help you get through this and honor your beloved pet’s memory. Continue reading below to find out more information.

A pet funeral may not be a common tradition to some, but a lot of people have observed it even in older times. Whenever a beloved pet passes away, sometimes it is best to hold a memorial, ceremony, or funeral to help the affected to cope with the loss of one’s beloved pet.

How to Plan a Pet Funeral

What Are the Activities That Can Be Done During a Pet Funeral?

1. Sharing of memories- When a pet passes away, you can hold a simple ceremony where you and your family members and friends can share the memories of your pet. This activity can help you share your emotions and allow you to reminisce about all the good times you have spent with your beloved pet.

You can also use a guest book or cards that will allow everyone to write their thoughts and they can freely share their feelings even when they are not willing to share them out loud. This is a great way of honoring the great times that you shared with your pet so that the last impression you have of your pet is not a sad one.

2. Candle lighting ceremony – Lighting candles to commemorate the passing of your pet is also a great option to choose for a pet funeral as it can easily set the mood for the guests to reflect and it will allow everyone to reminisce the memories of the beloved pet that passed away.

You can set a specific area in your home where guests can light a candle to honor your beloved pet. The candle lighting ceremony can be performed while your guests share a treasured memory or two of your passed beloved pet. A simple prayer can be offered, a special song can be played, or a poem can also be recited during the ceremony.

Important tip: Do not allow small children near the candles. You can also use artificial candles that do not burn to avoid burning candles unattended which can cause accidents or injuries. Electric candles are a great option for this as they can be handled with little to no risk.

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When planning a pet funeral, you can do different things as there are a lot of options available. You can do a simple memorial service or a small pet funeral where you can invite your family and friends to commemorate and celebrate your pet’s life. If you have enough space in your backyard, you can hold the event on your pet’s favorite spot in your backyard and you can invite some of your friends and family.

Pet memorial stones

How to End a Pet Funeral Ceremony

You can end the memorial ceremony for your pet by giving a final speech or farewell. This can be quite emotional for some people, but this is necessary as it can help you cope with the loss of your beloved pet. It is also a great way for you to say goodbye and honor your pet’s life shared with you and your family.

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