What is the Best Way to Handle a Pet’s Remains?

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What is the Best Way to Handle a Pet's Remains?

Every pet owner may experience the loss of a pet. It is one of the hardest moments that a pet owner will go through. Every individual differs in how they process a loss of a loved one and usually pet owners consider their pets as a part of the family.

Losing a pet to sickness or accidents that cause sudden death can be really tough. Your pet’s sudden absence in your life can be difficult and using memorial stones to honor and remember them when they pass can be a great way to deal with the grief that you experience. In this article, we will discuss how to handle a pet’s remains, so that you are properly informed about what needs to be done.

1. Cremation – One option for you is to cremate your pet’s remains. This can be done if you do not have a place where you can bury its remains. You can keep your pet’s ashes in an urn or container. You have the option to scatter its ashes or preserve them. You can scatter the ashes in the yard where you have played and shared lots of memories when your pet was still alive. There are plenty of crematories that you can find, make sure to do your research. You can also inquire from your veterinarian if they provide cremation services.

2. Home Burial – If you have a large yard or space in your garden or if you have an empty lot, you can opt to bury your beloved pet’s remains there. This option is usually preferred by pet owners to keep their pets near them.

This way, you can plan a funeral and memorial service and this can help you cope with the loss of your beloved pet. Choosing home burial will provide you an opportunity to create a pet memorial stone that can be placed over the pet’s grave as a living memorial to honor the memories you have shared while it was still alive.

Home Burial

When you choose home burial, make sure to have space where you can bury your pet’s remains. You have to dig a grave deep enough so the remains will not cause any health hazards or be disturbed in some ways. Some cities prohibit home burials, so you have to check your state if it allows you to do so.

Also, you must not bury the pet in a property that you are renting, especially if there is a possibility that you will move away from the property in the near future. For home burials, you can have a memorial stone for your pet, you can check our design catalog here or you can customize your order. Please do not hesitate to contact us. If you want to know the available sizes and prices of our products you can click here.

3. Pet Cemetery Burial – There are pet cemeteries in nearly all states, so you just have to research which one is nearest to you. You can have the option of having a formal cemetery burial so you can give tribute to your beloved pet’s remains, it is so much better than having an informal burial especially if your beloved pet has been a part of your family for a very long time.

Choosing the pet cemetery for your pet will ensure that its remains will be undisturbed and cared for accordingly. Although pet cemetery burial can be a costly option, pet owners will still choose it so they will find comfort that their pet’s remains will be secured and they can visit them anytime or during special occasions. Pet cemeteries usually make preparations and sometimes they can pick up your pet from the vet’s office or your home.

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A memorial or funeral service for your pet can be an excellent way to help with your grieving process. This way, you can have a simple service where you can invite your loved ones and close friends and this way you can share with them the memories that you had with your beloved pet. You can also have personalized pet gifts as a token that you can give to your family and friends during the memorial services.

You can also choose to get a garden stone and have your pet’s name engraved on it. If you want to know more information about our products please contact us. You can check here if you want to see our gallery for the custom and standard stones that we have created for our clients. You can also check our YouTube channel if you want to know more information about our company and the products that we offer.

Pet Cemetery Burial

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