How to Cope with Losing A Pet

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They say, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” However, it is not just a dog. It can be any pet, may it be a cat, an owl, a horse, or any animal you can consider a companion.

For pet lovers, we know how much our pet matters to us. What is beautiful about a pet-human relationship is that even though we do not understand each other’s languages, we are able to transcend that. Our love for our pets transcends the language barrier and any additional barrier there is.

Pets are more than animals for us pet lovers. They are not there in our homes for display or to show off in our social media. We talk to them. We treat them like a human being who needs to get fed, who keep us company, and who needs to be genuinely taken care of.

That is why when we lose our pet, it is also like losing a human friend or relative. There is a wound, and for those who solely took care of their pets, the wound cuts deeper.

What should I do when I lose my pet?

It is so difficult when we lose our pets. Sometimes, we get too dumbfounded that we do not know what to do or where to start to recover. Here are some ways we can cope when we lose our beloved pet/s.

Talk your feelings through

It is vital that you are able to acknowledge that you are grieving. Do not take your grief for granted. It is not shallow. The pain we feel over losing our pets is real, and we need people whom we can talk to about this grief. Talking about it makes our feeling lighter.

How to Cope with Losing A Pet
Acknowledging your feelings is also a good chance not just to talk about your grief, but to reminisce good memories you had with your pet. This will help lighten up your mood.

Take your time

Moving on from losing a pet does not happen overnight. It takes weeks, months, or even years, especially if we have been with our pet for a long time. It is not just a pet that we lost, but a companion. Some even consider their pets more important than their human friends.

So, take it slow. Go through every process of grief. Reminisce, clean up your pet’s things, and simply let time heal you.

Address feelings of guilt

When you were the one who primarily took care of your pet, there is that strong possibility of feeling guilty about your pet passing away. There a lot of questions like, “What if I noticed sooner that my pet was sick?” or “What if I chose to stay at home rather than being away for a week?”

Moreover, pet owners feel a massive amount of guilt when they needed to choose to let go of their pets by euthanasia.

A lot of these questions lead to a great feeling of guilt, and we seem unable to forgive ourselves. It is normal to feel guilty. Address it, but do not let it consume you.

Verify your concerns

Usually, some pet owners who have lost their pets cannot immediately accept the death of their pets. They would often wonder if the veterinarians did everything they could to save their pets, or whether the owners themselves have given their all for their pets.

In times like this, it is important that you are able to talk with the people who handled the illness of your pet. You can ask them all the questions or doubts that you have to give you peace of mind.

Verify your concerns

Memorialize your pet

Memorializing your pet will serve as your last way of treating your pet. While they are animals and not humans, they still deserve a proper burial. A proper funeral will honor your pet. This will also give you a chance to gather some pictures or even say your eulogies as well.

How do I pay tribute to my pet?

There are various ways you can pay tribute to your pet. This is a way of memorializing them, and this will allow you to feel lighter about losing your dear pet.

You can always give them a burial, but to honor your pet, it is best to put on their grave something beautiful to remember them by.

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The pets who are now in pet heaven are probably looking down and smiling at their beautifully made pet stones. Make sure your pet is smiling too.

How do I pay tribute to my pet?